A Dance in the Mess

I’m struggling to break free from my perfectionism, my unrealistic expectations, my stringent, legalistic ideals. What should my life be? A list of do’s and don’ts? A schedule to be followed? A perfectly regimented march? Keep in line, Jen, or face the consequences!! Hmmmmm, I’m beginning to wonder what those consequences are. Pain, disappointments, failure! I bet, yes. Laughter, joys, success. I bet too! What should my life be? Freedom to choose? A spontaneous adventure? The twirling dance of a free, creative spirit? A full breath of fresh air.

When I make a cake, I try to do so in the cleanest way possible. I avoid a mess. When my boys make a cake, it’s one big, swirling, laughing mess! The messy process is fun, something to be savored. Something to be embraced.

I wanna live like that!

What about you?

10 thoughts on “A Dance in the Mess”

  1. Just baked a cake with my twin nieces. I loved every minute of their chocolate covered faces. 🙂

  2. I so understand what you mean in your post. I think I’ve grown in this area, relaxed and lowered my expectations a bit. This has taken time. It sure has made for a happier house and a happier mama. Found your post thru the Allume link up. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It’s definitely a process that takes time. I agree, when I relax and lower those expectations, everyone, including myself, is much happier. 🙂 Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

  3. I love your tagline that says you are seeking to simply abide. Isn’t that how we let go, moment by moment, just abiding? 🙂 Thanks for encouraging us all to let go.

  4. Oh, to have some consequences of laughter, joy, success!! thanks for the reminder of the importance of fresh air/ spontaneity!!

    visiting from the Allume linkup!!

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