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Golden Moments

In an effort to really get consistent in posting, I have been going through some of my MOPS devotions that I have written over the last year and a half, to see if any are “post worthy.” Though, I’m not sure if they live up to that expectation, I have decided to add some to this blog. Serving as Prayer and Care Coordinator for the MOPS group I am part of has opened the door back into a love of mine…writing. Since finishing my bachelors degree several years ago, I’ve desired to write, but haven’t really given myself a reason to. My position in MOPS has given me the opportunity to not only get back into writing, but has also stretched me in the public speaking/teaching arena. I love it! 

This devotion, given November 17, 2010 is entitled “Golden Moments.”

It always amazes me how much God uses my children to teach me about myself and Him.

Not long ago I was flipping through a book on parenting, and I came across something the author referred to as “golden moments.” These are particular moments in the day when intentional and positive parental interaction is especially crucial and makes a big difference in their development and growth.

The first of these golden moments is right after those sleepy heads rise to greet the day. They are especially in need of some loving attention during this time.

In reflecting on my own experience with my boys, I can see how much this makes sense, as I’m sure you can with your own little ones.

When our children are infants this loving attention flows easily into the physical demands they require, that being time for feeding or nursing first thing in the morning. As they grow, it might be cuddle time on the couch, or a good morning hug. Whatever it may be, it’s that time for reconnection, for bonding, for comfort, and confirmation that we are there for them.

For the most part, this has always been easy for me with my older son, Cash, but admittedly, not so much with the younger, Colt. It seems that I have become more distracted by the busyness of my mornings, rushing to and fro making breakfast and coffee, and whatever else seems too urgent in that moment to ignore. The poor little guy tailing me on my heels, pulling and reaching to be picked up.

Reading about these golden moments has made me much more aware of his behavior, and I realized he’s been expressing his need for loving attention from Mommy, at a time when he needs it most. In fact a few mornings ago, he made it quite clear by literally screaming and throwing himself down at my feet.

So, I picked up my son, left behind those seemingly important distractions in the kitchen, and took him to the couch to cuddle. He almost instantly became calm and content, and to tell you the truth, so did I. As I settled into this moment of calm and stillness with him, I became aware of my own feelings that morning, and saw that they were not far off from his. I was in need of some loving comfort, some reassurance, some guidance, some strength, and it dawned on me how much I had been neglecting my morning time with God lately.

Really, we are not much different from our little ones. I think we still have “golden moments.” We still have a need for reconnection, bonding, comfort, and confirmation that someone is there for us in the moment, and throughout the day. It’s crucial to our growth and development.

Our children seek us out when they want or need something. Jesus tells us in the seventh chapter of Matthew to keep on seeking and we will find. Seek what? Or rather, whom? Seek God and you will find Him to be there.

So, in the morning, during your golden moment,

Seek Him…..

If you need guidance, He will reveal wisdom and His will.

If you need strength, He will give you His Spirit.

If you need safety, He will be your fortress.

If you need comfort and reassurance, He will be your rock.

If you need to be filled, He is your bread and water.

and….. If you need love, He is your friend and perfect Father.

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