Deep Water

Put out into deep water. Luke 5:4

“The Lord did not say how deep. The depth of the water into which we sail depends upon how completely we have cut our ties to the shore, the greatness of our need, and the anxieties about the future. Yet the fish were to be found in the deep, not the shallow, water.”  (From Streams in the Desert, L.B Cowman)

Words from my favorite devotional book, lovingly handed over to me by a friend three years ago when I was in the midst of a seemingly unending depression. This same friend was one that I called from time to time, with nothing to say, instead only anticipating some kind of instruction: “Jen, go eat an apple. Drink a glass of water. Walk outside. Take a shower.” All monumental, nearly impossible tasks at the time. I remember slowly biting into an apple, feeling all the physical strength sapped from me from the simple action, and yet with that bite, the slow momentum upward toward the sunlight peering through the opening of the deep hole I huddled in.

A deep hole, deep waters, whatever it be, oxygen was scarce to non existent. Need for my Savior took on a whole new meaning. It was not water nor food that He provided, my soul unable to assimilate, but His life giving breath. The bare essential for life. My Constant Companion, as I searched His Word for answers and hope, or as I lay on the couch watching the changing sky outside.

Into the deep. The sweetest times I have had with the Lord have been my darkest times. In the dark, there is no “light” in this world that can distract me from the True Light.

Maybe you can relate?

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